So there I was, a creature born in the northern part of the Netherlands in April 1989. I discovered games at a young age and since then they've been a large part of my life. I have many interests, but my passion is game design, although I also have an interest in level design,art and programming.

In 2009 I enrolled at the Utrecht School of the Arts as a game designer to fulfill my love for making games.
I graduated in 2013 and after that I started working on a game: Huntigator, an innovative hack and slash endless running game, in this project I developed my art skills as well as my design.

After succesfully finishing the game: Huntigator, my journey took a new route with YoungCapital Professionals. Via them I started a Java Developer Traineeship, once I finished the traineeship I directly started working for Atos as an Application Developer.

As a game designer I like to work iteratively, with fast prototyping and many playtests to obtain information for further design of the game.