Huntigator is a hack and slash running game. In the game, you control an alligator which has to slay birds to gather their feathers. Due to the few controls, the game is also very suitable for mobile devices, we kept this in mind while designing it.
My main focus on this project was making a game which had a good and logical feeling.
During this project, I learned that you first have to make sure the core of the game is fun, before you continue on the development.
Viking Vishing is a side-scrolling score-attack game for WebGL and Mobile. Fish will swim in from the sides of the screen. The player scores points by throwing the fish into the air and catching them with his boat.It features 7 different types of fish, unlockable boats with distinctive gameplay, and the sound effects are actual water.
STEEN is a tactical stealth single-player game. In this game you can pickaxe through the mountains. Gather all the crystals while making full use of the environment to encounter your enemies.
In this project I focused on making a game with as much varies ways in achieving the goal.
During this project I learned yet again how important it is to have a good vision of the game you want to create.
HOUT is an arcade FFA party game which is ideally played by 4 players with Xbox controllers. In this game you can cut down dangerous trees, which crash destructively to the ground. Collect the most wood or be the last man standing.
In this project we focused on finding the last missing pieces to push the game to the next level.
I have learned that fixing and solving little issues and killing your darlings is so unbelievably important for the final game.
The Graverobber is a 3D puzzle game in which you play a pharaoh that can switch between dimensions to solve puzzles.
In this project we focused a lot on the tutorial. We did this with a great deal of playtesting.
According to me the quality of this project is due to a good team, who all have their own expertise and share the same passion for their work. Furthermore I've learned how important and useful playtesting is.
Beecorn is an Awesomenauts character. With this character I was looking for a way to give him more than 2 abilties, which all other Awesomenauts have. I also wanted the abilities to match the theme of the naut.
With making this naut I discovered how hard it is to make a character which abilities are interesting and in depth combined with the theme of the character.
Within this project I tested many aspects of the naut in Gamemaker to see if things feel correct and to see how an ability is used in practice.
Master Mage King is a 4 player party-board game based around luck and strategy. Hinder your opponents with cards and your minion, whilst your mage collects the points to win the game!
I challenged myself to make a board game based on luck, something I havenít done before.
With making this board game I focused on the fun aspect of the game, by playtesting the game I improved the part which is most fun.
This Starcraft 2 multiplayer map is designed to favour air-units. With such an advantage to air, players are encouraged to meta game, adding extra depth to the map.
The map is designed with one big easily defended choke point at the start of the game, with several other paths which need to be cleared before they can be used to improve offensive play.
Making this Starcraft 2 map I focused on originality, depth of the map and am currently working on balance.
Sisyphus was my first Global Game Jam game in 2012. The theme was a snake biting his own tail. I wanted to make a game where you would get the impression that there is an end, while there is none.
I learned to make fast decisions in a short period of time. I guided the team aswell, focussing them on the things that would matter the most for the game.
With making this game, I focussed on making a clear simple game, but still with some interesting and challenging gameplay.
Beat The Dragon was my second Global Game Jam in 2013. The theme was the sound of a heart beat. In the game you have to defeat a dragon on the beat, you can only make one move each time you hear the beat.
Within this project, I prototyped my designs rapidly in Gamemaker to test them with the other participating people to get a better result for the final game.
With making this game, I focussed to test my ideas with Gamemaker and play-test them. The environment was also perfect for this approach.
Schat-Zeiler is a sailing game about the Dutch East India Company for children. In this game the player learns the basics of sailing through the game-mechanics and gathers knowledge about the Dutch East India Company throughout the game-content.
In this project my personal challenge was to learn the player something theme related via the game-mechanics.
I focussed to find the perfect balance between education and fun and to learn the player something theme related via the game-mechanics.
WieGaatKapot is an alternate reality game, in which you have to discover which person in a virtual class has the highest probability of using drugs. The players have to do this by visiting their online profiles like facebook or by buying useful data such as school rapports.
The players had to believe it was real, so we focused a lot on making convincing profiles and documents.
I have learned a lot by finding the balance between research and gameplay.
Flow of Creation is an experience game in which you discover the thought processes taught at the USAT in a metaphoric way. In the game you develop 'The Island' by experiencing several such thought processes.
Our focus in this project lay on creating good metaphors to describe the learning processes at the school correctly.
In this project I learned that it can be good to occasionally take a step back and continue from there.
Ctf_Eden is a capture the flag level in Team Fortress 2. The level contains a huge choke point, with several paths leading to the briefcase room. The briefcase room is in the middle of the level and is made out of glass.
TF2 contains a large amount of different classes, so we focused on making sure that each class is balanced and interesting for the level.
I learned to cut a lot of parts of the level to make it better playable.
Kracht Sluw Raar is an experiment on rock paper scissors. I wanted to create a version in which the outcome of a match canít be a remise. With this experiment I focused on having the least amount of rules to achieve my goal in making it a simple game without remise.